I think you should always start with your budget.

“BUDGET?  HOW?  I don’t even know what things cost!”

This will be the first question that comes to mind when you start with your wedding budget or actually any budget in life. And that is why this part of the wedding is the most important. Once the Budget is concurred, your entire wedding will come together easier and less stressed.

Sit down with your partner and make a list of all you need to budget. Download our unique Wedding List to make sure you have not missed anything. Remember that each topic on our list will be discussed via our blog as we plan your wedding with you.

For you it might take days, week’s months to master this, and that is why we prefer our Wedding Planning service. We do this on a daily basis and can give you all the necessary answers to your questions without you doing days of research to make sure you make the right choices. Remember your choice save you money. And that’s why you pay a wedding planner not to just take the stress away to put the wedding budget together but also to make sure you have the right suppliers for the budget. As we have a thousands of suppliers out there but the best is to work with supplier that you wedding planner feels save and happy to work with, especially if your planner has been in the industry for 12 years like us.

So for today’s blog we would like you to  download our Wedding List and see what you would love to have at your wedding and what items you are happy to go without.

Follow our video tutorial if you’re not the reading bride.

Happy Planning

Marilise Summers

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