Veronica & Dave

Dave and I would like to say a huge thank you, thank you for making our dream wedding come true! We all dream of that one special day and I can honestly say with hand on my heart that my dreams came true on my wedding day.

Thank you for all your help and support, you really was amazing even though we live half way around the world. The décor, food, music etc. was everything we wanted and more.

You put so much effort into our day and I can’t imagine how busy we mush of kept you before the wedding but you dealt with all of our questions and request and made it the best day of our life.

My dream beach wedding was life changing because even though I dreamt about it before the day there really aren’t words to describe how beautifully the day was, my heart warms with love and gratitude every time I think of my wedding day.

Polkadots you made my dreams come true on my wedding day, THANK YOU!

Veronica & Dave