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At Guava Graphics we take great pride in the way we approach wedding videography. We will film your entire wedding day in a documentary style as it happened, and edit it in such a way that you will feel like you are re-living your wedding day all over again in true High Definition. Your video would be a living memory, captured on flash drive for you to watch and share with friends, family and someday with your children. Nothing can quite capture the essence of your wedding day quite like video can.

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  • Passion
    Our passion is videography and we use that passion to capture your wedding day in a cinematic and creative way.
  • Editing
    With our brilliant editing, you get to relive your wedding day and memories. We don't like staged poses, but rather try to get the in-between natural moments.
  • 350 weddings and counting
    We aim to capture those special memories and digitally preserve them for an eternity so you may one day relive that special day with your partner and your children.

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