The next on your planning list should be your wedding guest list.
Why? Because the entire wedding budget will depend on the amount of guests you invite to your

1. The amount of guest will have to fit into the venue you select, so if you have the guest list
ready you will narrow down your search for the perfect venue.
2. Make sure the venue you select fit all guest including the dance floor and moving space for
waiting staff etc.
3. The Food total are normally one of the biggest cuts of your budget so make sure you take
this into consideration when you decide on the amount of guest you would like to invite
according to your budget.
4. Start your guest list with the family you will have to invite to the wedding.
5. Then next you can do the friends list.
6. Always have a B list for your guest list.

On our previous blog, we discussed the WEDDING PLANNING LIST. The list you can tick and make
sure you have all the things you want at your wedding narrowed down into a smaller summary of all
the possibilities.

Download our guest list template for you Wedding File. Make sure to do you list in pencil as this
might change overnight.

Hope you are having fun so far
Happy Planning

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